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There are some wonderful websites that offer safe places to write or read about birth stories, such as,,, or, but women who are giving birth in a foreign culture share something special. Here are a few stories specifically about giving birth abroad, and I look forward to including many more stories from you.

in New Zealand

"The next few hours were a blur. All I can remember is sucking on ice blocks and chewing on pieces of pineapple and strawberry; jumping in and out of the shower because one moment I was too hot, the next too cold; and calling my Mum at 3am UK time to tell her the baby was coming. It was hard not having my Mum here but so nice having her on the other end of the telephone, she just went silent when I had a contraction and talked me through it between them. Steve was an angel rubbing my back, running my baths and showers, and feeding me pieces of fruit." read farther

Starting out in Japan, ending in US

"My husband and I had been married for five years and were teaching in Japan when we decided it was time to start a family. Within six weeks we were expecting.

The pregnancy itself was easy – no swelling or morning sickness or anything – but being in Japan was interesting. My doctor didn't speak English, and I don't speak Japanese. He gave me ultrasounds every three weeks. He thought I was too fat because he wanted me to gain only 7 kilos (15 pounds), and I gained 25 pounds by the end." [view source] Site doesn't appear to exist anymore.


a Birth in Japan

"My husband and I moved to Japan when I was five months pregnant with the thought that I would be able to relax and enjoy pregnancy. And we both did.

As the day drew near for me to have the baby, we both became more and more excited. Then, while looking for a clinic to have the baby at, we found out they don't offer pain relief in labor. They also don't induce until 43 or 44 weeks. Needless to say, we were shocked, but not too badly. We wanted to try for a natural birth anyway, so this just made it easier!

We found a wonderful clinic, with a great staff. All the nurses were so excited that we were having an American baby in their clinic." [view source] Site doesn't appear to exist anymore.

a Birth in Italy

" … I was made to do it anyway and when I reached my room, I lay down sideways on my bed, facing the window – mine was the outermost bed, fortunately, so I didn't have to look anyone in the eye. I lay there doing my breathing – huffing and puffing much more forcefully than I remembered doing for my first birth – and after a little while the girl next to me said, "If there's anything I can do to help, let me know." So I asked her to call my husband and find out where he was, how soon he would be arriving. It was already about 9:20 a.m. She did, and hubby arrived not long after that." [view source] Site doesn't appear to exist anymore.

a Birth in Germany

by Emily Berns,

"In Germany, the ancient practice of midwifery is still a respected and respectable profession, not the fringe alternative or vogue it has become in the States. The hospital where I delivered my children has a midwife school. During labor, the only person constantly attending me (besides Uwe) was a sweet, helpful midwife student of about 20. The midwife herself checked in from time to time, and the doctor only appeared for the delivery itself, in which she was assisted by the other women. Despite its old-fashioned appearance, the hospital featured all the latest medical equipment and could accommodate many current birthing fads--a gymnastic ball to sit on during labor, a birthing stool to use during delivery. I avoided the latter, but when it came time to push the baby out, there were no rings for me to grasp or stirrups to place my feet in: I was simply instructed to hook my elbows around my knees and push as hard as I could. Crude, but effective--and fully in keeping with a society that has not yet forgotten the body's power both to heal and to do for itself." read farther


Twins in Sweden

"I had moved to Sweden and away from all my family in the sixth month of my pregnancy. I loved my new country and felt that the medical care I was given was outstanding. The only thing I was missing was my mother. I wish she could have shared in the birth of my twins. My mother decided to give me a virtual baby shower because she could not give me one in person. I had contractions a lot two days before and I e-mailed my family that I hoped the guests of honor did not decide to make a showing at their own baby shower. I had been thinking for a week or so that if my babies came early, but were healthy, I would be happy. I think every woman at the end of a heavy pregnancy feels this. I was at week 33 when my twins decided to make their grand entry into the world." [view source] Site doesn't appear to exist anymore.

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