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Choleric or powerful

As I read the below description again, I wonder whether this temperament is the most culturally sanctioned in the United States. Could it be called 'the American calling card'? As we all do, I have choleric parts to my personality, but I wonder whether growing up in the US I adopted this choleric view of success -- associated with career path ambition and forcing myself to be extremely self-confident and independent -- more than I would have done elsewhere. For example, in dreaming about becoming a 'go getter gonzo' journalist when I actually preferred simply observing and asking questions.

… Our children are growing up in Germany, which I would say sanctions the melancholic temperament in its emphasis on details, hard work and procedural documentation. Though they have melancholic parts to their temperaments, of course, I can see that an extreme emphasis on punctuality and hierarchy and accreditation among those with whom our children associate places more positive emphasis on these details than on, for example, sentiment and initiative and creative expression.

All of this is just a part of the cultural and individual influences that shape the environment in which we grow, of course. But the more we understand about these influences, the better we understand ourselves.

Patience !

"Well as he nears his 7th birthday, his choleric temperament is raising it’s head. How to deal with it??? Again patience is the key. I must admit I’m finding it difficult at the moment. The need to be louder and more visible then any other member of the family gets on my nerves. I work hard at everyone having a place and creating a gently calm atmosphere. Not just for school, but for the entire day. StJohn at the moment just digs his heels in. Things like, No!I’m not doing that! or wait for it…this mornings joy…picking my cat up when we’re quietly having breakfast and carrying her down the stairs because he doesn’t want her in the dining room. He does it knowing full well that under normal circumstances I’d go beserk. Usually saying, “Put the cat down,she always sits next to me on the floor, sit and have your breakfast.”

But to his apparent disappointment, I continue eating my yoghurt (which at this point tastes like cardboard). I do not rise to his bait. I wait him out (which let me tell you being predominantly sanguine and wanting to just get on with the day, takes some doing!) The key is patience…waiting as long as a day, picking a calm well rested time and discussing it in a firm and direct manner that his leaving the breakfast table and getting rid of my kitty down the stairs, is so totally unacceptable. Explaining that breakfast time is the time our family joins together for the first time each day, we have a verse and focus on our blessings, to just up and rearrange the family is not in his job description." go to ourhomeschooljourney

The Choleric:

Is self-composed; seldom shows embarrassment, is forward or bold.

Is eager to express himself before a group if he has some purpose in view.

Is insistent upon the acceptance of his ideas or plans; argumentative and persuasive.

Is impetuous and impulsive; plunges into situations where forethought would have deterred him.

Is self-confident and self-reliant; tends to take success for granted.

Exhibits strong initiative; tends to elation of spirit; seldom gloomy or moody; prefers to lead.

Is very sensitive and easily hurt; reacts strongly to praise or blame.

Is not given to worry or anxiety. Seclusive.

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