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first foods

"You are giving your baby potatoes? !!" 


That was an American friend's distressed reaction to my choice of first foods for our son, raised in Germany, where everyone starts their babies off on vegetables and potatoes.


Indian Baby Juice…. er, cow's milk

"Has any Mom heard anything about cow's milk and your baby. I'll bet you have! The problem is that what we've all heard is different. My darling daughter (one week to one year) is a lively, curious well basically normal child. My only concern is that she is as skinny as a rake. Doctor told me not to worry if she is weighing enough on the growth chart, which she is (Born at 2.68 kgs and now weighing 9.2 kgs). Plus she is quite tall. But you don't understand....I am from India where babies are meant to be fat. Where the only duty of motherhood is to run after them 24/7 trying to get them to eat. So that their cheeks must hang till their shoulders. Now I'm not generalising but this is mostly the case and I have nothing against fat babies. I was however tired of being asked if she wasn't eating, accusatory glances from other Indian Moms who knew me...etc etc. So I tried to look at her from their point of view and then I started panicking about how she might not be growing normally etc.etc. So I tried to feed her more and she immediately picked up on my tension around food and went off it altogether, to the point where she would scream even to sit in her high chair." go to the 2007 Indian Mom blog







hands in garden


Please be patient …. we are still growing … 

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