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Sanguinic or popular

The sanguine temperament is often the life of the party, the one with the kind word and easy smile. Of the four personalities, the sanguine is the most positive. He or she is identified by (1) quick, vehement reactions to stimulus and that (2) these reactions are shallow and short-lived. A person who is sanguine is generally optimistic, cheerful, even-tempered, confident, rational, popular, and fun-loving. Dire events may occur around him, but after a short period of "being down," his natural enthusiasm and good-temper bounce back. He has a very active imagination. Although his learning may not be of great depth, he is intelligent, quick, alert, and a skilled conversationalist. In school, he is obedient and easily taught. Willing to oblige, he submits easily to superiors. He is not stubborn or defiant. Has a tendency to the external: His five senses are very active and acute. Thus, he is keenly aware of and attracted to beauty and sensuality in clothes, furnishings, the arts, etc.. He has an eye for fine detail. Although he can explode with anger, he usually bears no grudge or resentment. [View source]

"One positive to this child is that they are rarely unhappy. Awful things may happen and they merely shrug and say,”Oh well, thats the way it goes…it’s over now.” For me they are the children that live in the NOW, far more than the other temperaments. They enjoy each moment, and have the most lively imagination. They also are not overly affected by outside influences. For both StJohn and myself. The neighbours house could fall down and we’d be surprised nothing more. It’s not that we don’t care, but just have an inherent, “what will be will be” attitude. … These children seem to live their lives at high speed, they tend to run just about everywhere. StJohn will often come tearing through the house, on a mission of his own, if he knocks something over, he’ll just yell over his shoulder, “Sorry Mom! I Love you!” I find it virtually impossible to get cross with him. The Sanguine child truly captures the pure essence of childhood.

The negative of the Sanguine temperament (as I know for myself quite well) is the inability to complete a task. As an adult, I still have to focus on completing a project or simply a task such as making the bed. One thing leads to another and if I’m not concentrating properly I get sidetracked. For example, I make the bed, half way through I find a pajama top under the one pillow, so I fold it, and pop it in my cupboard, and whilst doing this, I see that my jerseys have got jumbled so I start to unpack them and repack them. The bed forgotten. As an adult I am aware of this and therefore have learnt to control it, but I find when I’m tired, I am very scattered. Plenty of rest is a must! And this in itself is so difficult, as there are so many interesting things to discover in this world, and I can’t wait to do it, so bedtime sometimes comes too late! It comes down to self discipline!!!

For my son, I find what works with him, in fact what is essential is capturing his imagination. Chores for him are a burden. Say for example I want him to clean the wash basin in the bathroom, as he’s spilt toothpaste all over it, again. I won’t say to him,”StJohn please go and clean up the mess you made in the bathroom” This ends up in a long face and a sigh. Instead I’ll say to him in a voice that is alive and excited (difficult at 7:30 in the morning let me tell you!),”StJohn a dragon has been fighting with the toothpaste in the bathroom again. Please go and find Puff and help him clean it up!” Then he’s off in a shot, his imagination working overtime, and the bathroom clean." go to ourhomeschooljourney

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