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Yoga in Pregnancy

It is so important to take care of yourself







The Business of Being Born

A splendid film about giving birth in the United States these days.

Childbirth and place

The title of this film, Orgasmic Birth, may turn many women away. But, it is a sensitively made film, the idea of orgasm is not the main message, and it will give many pregnant women inspiration to create a birth experience that is safe and unique to their own lifestyle. It is worth watching. It doesn't mean you have to have an orgasm with birth. Don't worry. As if women need even more pressure these days!

Why shouldn't I have a cesarean section?

Well, here is a common-sense attempt to answer this question...



the Connected Baby

It's not just soft mothering anymore. Science is showing how those seemingly small nuances of connection between mother and baby are essential to healthy development.


An enchanting documentary following four babies from Tokyo, San Francisco, Mongolia and Namibia. Watch with your children, too! Even your 'rambunctious' boys will love it...

Assessments of Newborns

In the Neonatal Behavioural Assessment Scale (NBAS), there are 28 behavioural items each scored on a 9-point scale, which assess the infant's behavioural response to positive and negative stimuli.

Baby classes

There are PEKIP classes, baby massage, Rueckbildung (postpartum gymnastics)

carrying an older baby, Ghana

here, the filmmaker also has a go at wrapping the carrying shawl...


Carrying newborn baby in a sling

A slow and detailed description in German

Learn how to carry your baby

No words necessary, and a loving father, too.

The story of disposable diapers

Arte Film (in German/French) researches how diapers have made modern mothers' lives easier, yet have created an enormous environmental problem in only one generation. The film discusses the selling of American diapers to 'new' markets in China and India, while questioning the necessity for this. And it describes the psychological implications of disposable diapers on our children's relationship to their bodies and the environment.

Honduras.. interesting method







Looking at Swedish preschools from a UK perspective

"Imagine schools where play and relaxation is paramount, where babies sleep outdoors even in the depth of winter, where children help with cleaning and catering, where there are few locks on doors or security-coded gates. . ."

Mindfulness - a tool for today's chaotic schools

Watching these teachers, I get a sense of what life must be like in today's public school classrooms, and how grateful they are to learn a new tool for helping children calm down and raise their 'frustration tolerance' level (as one teacher put it kindly).

Waldorf education adopted by public schools

We see scenes in Waldorf classrooms that argue well for introducing Waldorf education into mainstream public schools. This is a recent political move that is attempting to bring quality education to children who cannot afford private school tuition. It's success is seen as a critique of the pressured or high-stress environment typical of many US public schools in this decade.

Montessori schools

Montessori and Waldorf schools are the prime alternatives to mainstream education, and have grown greatly in popularity and availability.

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