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Walking Baby

7 needs of children

by T. Berry Brazelton

Every child needs:

1.ongoing nurturing relationships

2.physical protection, safety and regulation

3.experiences tailored to individual differences

4.developmentally appropriate experiences

5.limit setting, structure and expectations

6.stable, supportive communities and cultural continuity

7.protecting the future.

Breastfeeding still?

by Eric Michael Johnson

"My son will be three-years-old next month and is still breastfeeding. In other words, he is a typical primate. However, when I tell most people about this the reactions I receive run the gamut from mild confusion to serious discomfort. Their concerns are usually that extended breastfeeding could be stunting his independence and emotional development - the "Linus Blanket Syndrome" in the words of Michael Zollicoffer, a pediatrician at the Herman & Walter Samuelson Children's Hospital at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. Worse yet, they hint that it might even cause "destructive" psychosexual problems that he will be burdened with throughout his adult life. Could they be right? Was our choice "a prescription for psychological disaster" as Fox News psychiatrist Keith Ablow wrote in response to TIME magazine's provocative cover article on attachment parenting? Just when is the natural age to stop breastfeeding?" Huffingtonpost article


Three to a bed

by Deborah Jackson

"From my readers, I learned that there were many different ways to bedshare. Cosleeping began to look less like a formula and more like a process, an evolving, personal thing, adapted to the needs of each family. Some people happily play musical beds all night, swapping sleeping partners in the dark. Others sleep with baby in a bedside crib. Some fathers do most of the cosleeping, others move temporarily out of the family bed. Questions about where to put the baby down, adapting to waterbeds, and dealing with weaning have flown backwards and forwards across the continents. I have learned that, no matter what the Sleep Police might tell us to do, parents are determined to discover their own solutions - and break lots of rules - in order to achieve sleep and nighttime harmony." see her Mothering magazine's article


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